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Variety- January 19, 2021

Sony Pictures Classics has acquired worldwide distribution rights to “12 Mighty Orphans,” a new drama starring Luke WilsonMartin Sheen, Vinessa Shaw and Robert Duvall.

Deadline - June 25, 2019

When producer Michael De Luca made a lifestyle decision to split time between Hollywood and Texas, you had to figure the Captain Phillips and Social Network producer would make the most of his time and find a homegrown story from the latter locale with movie potential. Sure enough, De Luca Productions is teaming with Santa Rita Film Co. and has set a fall production start for the independently financed drama 12 Mighty Orphans. An adaptation of a novel by Jim Dent, the drama tells the true story of a group of Fort Worth orphans who vie for the state championship and rally a broken nation at the height of the Great Depression.

Variety - February 27, 2019

Ever since its publication in 1966, Tom Pendelton’s novel “The Iron Orchard” has been embraced as a cult favorite by many movers and shakers in the Texas oil industry — and, of course, by many more who thrill to accounts of success and excess in that storied realm — largely because of its brutally authentic yet unmistakably sympathetic portrait of a West Texas wildcatter who traverses a dramatic arc of rags to riches to really bad behavior.

Texas monthly- January, 2018

Can a 1960s novel with a cult following finally become the blockbuster film its fans believe it should be?

Cowboys & Indians - February 8, 2019

Director Ty Roberts’ new indie movie adapts an intense drama about mid‑20th century Texas oilmen.

indiewire- March 12, 2019

SXSW: Samantha Buck and Marie Schlingmann aren't promising the truth in their weird and wily film, but star Anna Margaret Hollyman delivers something just as valuable.

The new yorker- February 22, 2019

In the Texas oil country of Ty Roberts’s movie, throngs of men gouge holes in the land, without a flicker of shame or remorse, and see what wells up.

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